Bringing Vision to Reality! An event filled with faith, hope, and business…

Yes, it's that time of year again...Open yourself up to the opportunities that are waiting for you...

Our 2022 Vision Masterclass is just around the corner, and we wanted to send this as your official invitation to join us, On January 8th 2022 for this Live & Exclusive Event....

Are you struggling to find clarity? To create your vision?

It could be because of a 18 months of anxiety and instability...

It might be that you haven't given yourself the time you need or are overwhelmed by limiting beliefs

But There Is Hope...

Each year we bring together a group of like-minded people, along with our special guest panel, and share with each other EXACTLY what's working, and how you can implement these strategies to find your vision and clarity!


And My Vision Masterclass Could Help You Radically Transform Your life!

I’m going to give you access to this exclusive event FOR A SPECIAL PRICE OF JUST $197

OR you have the opportunity to upgrade to a VIP offer for just $297

The event will be held in the beautiful down town area of Philadelphia

You can have the best intentions or plans in the world but only action yields results.

This year I will be SHOWING you the exact goal-setting strategies I use every single day to achieve my goals and will help you find YOUR VISION

You'll literally be sitting in a room with successful visionaries who have changed their lives and designed a business that fits into the life they DREAMT about living...not a business they had to squeeze their life into!

My message for you is simple:

​YOU Are Next...

​ It's YOUR Time...

It's YOUR Turn!

As part of the "Vision Masterclass"

You will also receive your exclusive Event Pack

This bespoke pack has been specially created with inspiration from the world's largest study of high performers and visionaries, showing how they set goals, prioritize, and create the positive mindset and, daily habits needed to create the lifestyle you dream of.

This pack will help boost your daily self beliefs - encourage you to manifest your vision, and focus on the end goal.

Use this pack to:

  • Prime Your Mindset
  • Manifest Your Goals
  • Prioritize Like A Pro
  • Align The things That Matter
  • Accelerate Your Growth to become the best version of you!

So, are you ready to dive in? If so, you need to act now.

Here’s why:

Success Loves Action.

Our most successful students aren't just visionaries...they're ACTION takers. They come to the events and immediately start to implement even the most basic of strategies, but most importantly the winning mindset!

None of this, “I’ll get to it later” or “When I get a chance to look at it.

Those are the words of people who think, “Someday…”

But I know you're someone dedicated to taking the next step to becoming the most successful version of yourself and achieving your dreams.

Now it’s UP TO YOU.

To make this happen, you need to commit to investing the time to DO THIS. Attend the event, share in the positive space, learn how to change your mindset, and start manifesting your vision.

Trust in me and put what I show you into action.

Is It OK If I Over Deliver?

At this exclusive live event you will...

Gain full clarity of your 2022 vision

Be able to express what you truly desire for your life and your business

Create a strategic outline for the actions required to bring your vision to life

Remove limiting beliefs

Design a business that fits into the life you DREAM about living

Unleash your true self and your inner power

Learn affirmations to build your confidence and help you grow

Set clear goals for the year and recognize you can and will achieve them

Most importantly, you need a commitment to YOURSELF to take the reigns and DO IT.


No Distractions. No Excuses. No Delays.

Here’s your golden opportunity to make a major difference in your life…

To turn 2022 into YOUR year...

Once you see what’s in store for you, you’ll never go back.

P.S. Did you skip to the bottom? No worries. Here’s what you get when you register…

An exclusive invite to an in-person event with inspirational guest speakers and visionaries

The event will be help in the beautiful down town area of Philadelphia

Clarity of your 2022 vision and what you truly desire for your life and your business

A strategic outline for the ACTION required to make and bring your vision to life

A FREE EVENT PACK full of inspiring, motivation tools to help focus your mindset and accelerate your journey.

You’ll get all the strategies, formulas, and secrets you need in order to manifest the life you have been dreaming of

So is it ok if we over-deliver?

All you've got to do is REGISTER NOW


Gold event Package $197

Full Day Event Access

Event Pack & Planner

Question & Answer Session

Networking Lunch

Access to Panel of Special Guests

VIP event Package $297

Full Day Event Access

Event Pack & Planner

Question & Answer Session


Access to Panel of Special Guests

Exclusive Welcome Dinner On Friday 7th January

Recording Of The Event

Creating A Vision

A vision board is so much more than a collection of images. It's about creating a visual reminder of everything you want from life. It represents the person you want to be and the goals you have set for yourself.

Manifesting Your Vision will keep you focused, motivated, and empowered in 2022.

This event is about helping you recognize your inner power.

You’ll leave this night with affirmations that will build your confidence and help you grow, with goals for the year ahead, and, most importantly, with the understanding of how to achieve them

Manifesting Your Vision starts here and now.

Who is Joy Maxwell?

With nearly 15 years of experience in childcare, Joy is the inspirational consultant you have been searching for!

After working as a teacher's aid, a spark was lit inside Joy, driving her in her journey to becoming a teacher and educating young children.

Now, she wants to help you to create the life you have been dreaming of.

"From my own journey and the processes I followed I want to help you to set you up for unbelievable success and a truly impactful year in business.

Literally 95% of what I planned came true..."

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