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It may seem like the odds are stacking up against you and that you can’t reach the dream you’re working towards.

I’m here to tell you that by changing your mindset, you can change your destiny.

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Who is Joy Maxwell?

With nearly 15 years of experience in childcare, Joy is the inspirational mindset coach you have been searching for!

After working as a teacher's aid, a spark was lit inside Joy, driving her in her journey to becoming a teacher and educating young children. Joy earned her Masters in Early Childcare Education and Multicultural Education at Eastern University and uses her knowledge and understanding of education to inspire others.

"From my own journey and the processes that I followed, I want to help to set you up for unbelievable success. I manifested my own dream life by using the techniques and strategies that I want to share with you now. Literally 95% of what I planned came true... Now it's your turn."

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